Sunday, April 12, 2015

April 2015

 The best companionship!  Contacting in the Park!
 Conference in the home of our Senior Missionaries!
 Break an egg over your head on your birthday!
 My Companion!
My shoe broke through the top!

March 2015

 Moved to a New Area near the Ocean!

 My 3rd Companion...He's from Guatemala!
Found some Corn Flakes at the store!  Mmmm!

February 2015

 Awesome Elder!

 So Amazing!
 My comp and I!
 I should be a professional photographer!

 Frogs in the Apartment!
 An Awesome Family
6 Months out!


 Mom and Daughters
 Christmas from Nevada
 4 Month old shoes!  I just cut and glued to make them last a bit longer!

An Amazing Man!
5 Months out!

January 2015

New Comp From Guatemala!
 Burning Sugar Cane
 Stuff From Home
 Out 4 months
Christmas in Honduras!